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A close look at the Nerf Maverick in comparison to the Strongarm version

Hasbro made it happen almost right having its most successful gun ever the Nerf Maverick REV-6, nonetheless it had some flaws and they've tried to make it better by launching the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm which is briefly covered on this site. It can provide the closest experience to some pistol. It is bigger in space, though the barrel to load to darts is amazing. Simply push the button, along with the barrel pops out. It also packs lots of other tricks up its sleeve much like the “Slam-Fire” ability. We have searched into its various features and are available with the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Review.

The Classic Design

The Design with the Maverick REV-6 would be a classic and there's little which Hasbro could do with it. But they did make a couple of changes with all the Strongarm. At first appearance it seems bigger.

Its scheme is also in line while using whole Nerf Elite Series. We were happy using the colours. The barrel looks a whole lot better and now it pops out completely, which can be great. However we wished they made a variant having a different coloured barrel, but that's just a personal requirement. Overall the colors are nice & bright.

Users with never played with all the Maverick before will like the design from the Strongarm. It has strong resemblance to your pistol. You can play only using the barrel for a long time.

Hasbro renders some design changes too. There is a great deal of engineering that goes behind it. The most significant would be the gap which had been present within the Maverick between gun plus the barrel is gone, also it helps in the performance. There hardly any other changes that your fan can identify. For a first timer there is certainly hard to find a flaw.

The handle is ok, the grip is usually good. The priming action is rather smooth and it also goes right back. The weight is balanced and it also does not feel heavy in spite of single hand use.

Overall, the look still remains iconic as there are absolutely nothing you'll be able to complain regarding it.


The utilisation of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm is very simple. You pull out the hammer therefore the trigger. The barrel can load 6 darts. You can also operate this gun in Slam-Fire mode. To do that simply grip the trigger and pull the hammer back. Unlike the larger guns you don’t need to push it to its original position. Once the priming action is complete the dart are going to be fired. Hasbro did this right therefore we loved make use of the Slam Fire about this gun.

One significant change could be that the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm won't Jam. We have played it using a lot and that we experienced zero jamming issues. Once you pull the trigger, the barrel rotates and automatically lines in the next dart. All this happens in a split second. Hasbro has mastered the engineering using the rotating mechanism.

Talking in regards to the numbers, it is possible to easily expect your dart traveling a distance of 50 feet, in case you fire parallel towards the ground. Firing it an angle, the utmost distance we can easily achieve was 70 feet. In the slam-fire mode, the thing is a significant drop within the ranges, but that is universal because of the guns possessing feature. At best it is possible to easily fire 1 dart per second.

The only little complaint we have now with performance would be the accuracy. Some darts went in wayward directions and now we rarely saw the darts travelling a straight path the whole distance. But we had arrived able to ignore this and plenty of won’t even encounter this concern because, the dart is rather accurate at small distances, barring few rare cases.

Overall, Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm carries a better performance compared to the Maverick REV-6 so we give full marks to Hasbro for doing that.

The Price Factor!

The list price of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm is 12.99$. At this price it a great deal. You get near perfect performance and its particular resemblance to some pistol is uncanny. But for some time there may be an unbelievable deal occurring. You can now understand this model for 9.88$. This is insane also it’s a fantastic bargain. If you understand this gun intended for 10$ you haven't anything to complain about.

Our key takeaway on this product

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm lives from the huge success of Maverick. There were few flaws using the latter and Strongarm has rectified them. It even comes at the slightly lesser price now, so that it is a complete steal. The performance is first-rate, the style is iconic where there are no jamming issues. What else are you able to expect at a gun right? The combat experiences you'll be able to have with this particular gun are innumerable and that's up to your imagination. The maverick would be a classic as well as the Strongarm is its bigger and much better brother. We perform 8.5 beyond 10 stars.

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